The vision of Pachacamak Folk Foundation is to offer communities a exposure to a broad ancient and modern art, performed at the highest level. We empower women, youth and children with art and encourage them to break free from the chains of self- limiting belief patterns and cultural conditioning that have traditionally kept then suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power. Pachacamak Folk Foundation believe that the ancient and modern arts are critical to a healthy, prosperous society. We work to promote policies that uphold these values: The arts foster civic engagement, stimulate economic activity, and increase cultural empathy, and thus play a crucial role in sustaining thriving communities.

Pachacamak Folk Foundation wants to help and promote Americas Indigenous peoples arts to develop their own economies and their own approaches to economic self-sufficiency, sustainability and success. In collaboration with leaders from Indigenous governments, other governments and business, our goal is to advance Indigenous economic innovation and economic health. A strong Indigenous foundation reflects traditional knowledge and respect for Indigenous peoples and their cultures all over the Americas.